Home = A Place to Learn

1. Have a specific place in your home where they can study

  • Desk or table
  • Good light
  • Supplies
  • Off limits to other family members during study time
  • Quiet!

2. Set a regular time for studying

  • Same time each day
  • Times vary for different ages and abilities
  • School-related activities if no homework

3. Help your child make a homework “To Do” list

  • More organized by:  Writing down assignments and checking off when done

4. Limit your child’s TV or computer time

  • Distraction
  • Perhaps 1 hour each night, more on the week-ends

5. Help your child make learning a part of everyday life

  • Make learning fun by: Following a recipe, starting hobbies, or being outdoors, at museums or parks

Source: Parents on Board
Michael Popkin, Bettie Youngs, and Jane Healy

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