Parenting Matters

A powerful partnership between families, school staff, and the community lead to youth success!
Together we can help our children achieve great things.

Who We Are

A collaboration of Rio Grande Prevention Program, Del Norte Head Start, Monte Vista Recreation, Colorado State University Extension, Monte Vista High School, Public Health, schools and parents all working together to organize and coordinate parenting education efforts and resources to help families raise healthy children.

Why Parenting Matters

  • Parents Play an Important Role. Early life experiences have a huge effect on the brain. You provide the experiences your children need.
  • Importance of Healthy Relationships. It is important for your child to have healthy and positive relationships to grow and learn.
  • We want to the do the Best we Can. You are the primary influence in your child’s life. You want to model and teach your children positive values and skills.
  • Parenting can be Improved. Most people believe there is something they can do to increase their parenting skills.

Research shows that a hands-on, attached and involved parenting approach results in children that are smarter, independent, empathetic, have better relations with others and less behavioral problems.

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