PARENTING MATTERS: A Powerful Partnership between Families, School & the Community Leads to Student Success!


Have you seen the Rio Grande Parenting Matters posters located around Monte Vista? This is a partnership of parents, school staff and the community committed to the educational success of our children. When we work together, we can help our children achieve great things! You are very important in your child’s life – their first teachers and role models – and your involvement in your child’s education is critical to their success. What you do matters!

What does Family Involvement mean for you? According to Dr. Joyce Epstein there are six ways families are involved. Here are the six types and an explanation of what they mean. What you do at home is the most important factor in your child’s success!


What happens when families are involved?  Kids do better!

Here are the many ways our kids are better when you play a role in their education.

The support we can offer is to provide you with ongoing educational opportunities.  Please check our website at for a calendar of events for the year that you can attend, and/or take online.  Please contact Sara Hindes at or 852-5763 for more information.

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